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Industrial Fan Design, Fabrication, Repair & Installation

Design and build custom fan solutions optimized for your specific industrial needs. Ensure maximum airflow efficiency and long-term reliability through expert installation and repair services.

Fan Impeller Repair

Fan Impeller Repair Final Products

Steel Fabrication & Machining Works

Create bespoke steel components and structures to tight tolerances. Our precision machining ensures parts and fabrications that integrate seamlessly with your industrial systems.

Machineries, Valves, Pumps, Motors, and Gearbox Reconditioning

Restore your aging equipment to like-new performance. Cost-effective reconditioning extends the lifespan of critical assets and minimizes industrial downtime.

Pump Rework

Vibration Rectification, On-Site, In-House Balancing and Alignments

Achieve smooth, quiet operation of your machinery. We use advanced techniques for detecting and eliminating unwanted vibrations, maximizing equipment longevity, and preventing damage.

On-Site Dynamic Balancing Job

Infrared Thermography Jobs

Laser Alignment Jobs (01)

Laser Alignment Jobs (02)

Balancing & Alignment Jobs

On-Site Installation

Industrial Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Expert installation of new equipment ensures optimal performance from day one. Preventative maintenance programs keep your systems reliable and identify problems before they cause costly disruptions.

Maintenance & Installation

ABB Factory Drives & Automation

Harness the power of ABB’s cutting-edge automation solutions. We provide design, integration, and support services for ABB drives, maximizing efficiency and control throughout your industrial workflow.

ABB Factory Drives & Automation

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