Nikkiso Metering Pumps

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Nikkiso metering pumps are high-precision injection pumps adaptable to a wide range of flow rates, pressures and applications.

With the best diaphragm sealing technologies, these reciprocating pumps are capable of injecting liquids into processes with a high degree of discharge accuracy at high pressure without causing leakage.

Product Specification:

  • Maximum flow rate: 2160mL/min
  • Maximum discharge pressure: 1.0MPa
  • Chemical dosing of Water treatment
  • Chemical dosing of Water supply and sewerage system
  • Liquid fertilizer of Hydroponics culture
  • Chemical dosing of pH adjustment
  • Sterilization of elevated water tanks
  • Chemical dosing of Septic tank
  • Dosing of anti-rust agent
  • Dosing of various chemicals

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