Roto Screw Pump Key Applications in Various Industries

What is Roto Screw Pump?

Roto screw pump is a positive-displacement pump where the flow rate is directly proportional to its speed and number of cycles.

Hence, the usage of Roto screw pumps is popular in oil and gas, chemical, wastewater, manufacturing, mining industries, and more.

The simplicity and ruggedness of Roto screw pump make it a quiet, compact, and stable machine for many years of reliable operation.

Types of Roto Screw Pump

To cater to the demand of different industries and applications, Roto screw pump comes in two types.

They are Progressive Cavity Pumps and Twin Screw Pumps.

Progressive cavity pumps

Roto Screw Pump Key Applications in Various Industries

Progressive cavity pumps are used to transport liquids that have high viscosity levels and chemical properties.

Roto progressive cavity pump consists of a precision-machined single external helix metallic rotor and double internal helix elastomer stator.

As the rotor turns, the cavity progresses from suction to discharge along with fluid.

They are ideal for use in various industries including:

Oil & gas industry

Progressive cavity pumps are used in oil production, drilling, and refining operations.

They are perfect for transporting crude oil from the wellhead to refineries and storage facilities.

Chemical industry

Progressive cavity pumps are perfect for use in transporting chemicals like caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and other solids-free liquids with high viscosity at high temperatures.

Water treatment industry

Progressive cavity pumps are also important in water treatment plants.

They are used to clean water contaminated by industrial waste products or sewage and treat drinking water before it reaches homes or businesses.

Twin Screw Pumps

Roto Screw Pump Key Applications in Various Industries

Twin screw pumps use two right-handed and left-handed screw spindles in a closed compartment.

Basically, the rotation of the two screws draws liquid into the center of the pumping unit, where it is propelled to the ends of the screws.

By using dual flow, Roto twin screw pump has a unique double profile of the screws allowing for higher volumetric efficiency, resulting in a more efficient overall pump.

Petroleum industry

The petroleum industry is one of the major industries that use twin screw pumps.

The primary purpose of these pumps is to transport crude oil from wells to storage tanks and refiners.

They are also ideal for transporting refined products such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene fuel products.

Chemical industry

Twin screw pumps are widely used in the chemical industry to transport chemicals from one place to another in a refinery plant or process plant.

There are many different types of chemicals that work well with twin screw pumps such as acids or bases, and solvents.

Some other applications include transporting gases like air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide from one place to another within a refinery plant or process plant.

Mining industry

In the mining industry, twin screw pumps are widely used to transport water and other liquids.

In particular, the water is pumped from the lower to higher levels.

Miners also use it to remove dust particles from mine shafts and tunnels.

Moreover, the twin screw pumps are also suitable for transporting chemicals and other liquids from one place to another.

Buy Roto Screw Pump in Malaysia

Roto screw pumps are a popular choice for many industries due to their efficiency and reliability.

They are ideal for both primary and secondary applications, and they can handle a wide range of fluids.

This versatility makes them ideal for use in many different industries.

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