Varisco pumps in Malaysia are known for their high-quality and reliability in pumping systems.

This makes Varisco pumps a popular choice for many businesses due to their excellent performance and efficiency.

These pumps can meet the demands of various industrial and commercial applications.

Popular Types of Varisco Pumps in Malaysia

In this blog post, we will review some of the top models of Varisco pumps in Malaysia, their features, and their benefits.

Let’s dive in!

J series

The J-series is one of the most popular Varisco pumps in Malaysia.

The J self-priming centrifugal pumps are perfect for use in situations where fluids with dirt, waste or solid particles need to be moved.

They can quickly and easily start pumping, even when the fluid is far below the pump.

The pump has a special casing that can hold water, which helps it start pumping faster without needing extra equipment.

This makes the system easier to use and reduces the need for maintenance.

Varisco Pumps in Malaysia: A Review of the Top Models

More information: J series

V series

Another popular Varisco pump in Malaysia is the V series.

Volumetric internal gear pumps in the V series, also known as positive displacement internal gear pumps, are common in industries where they need to handle thick, clean liquids.

Using them can be useful when the product being pumped requires gentle treatment to avoid any chemical or physical changes.

These pumps work by rotating and ensuring a constant flow of liquid, regardless of the pressure.

So, they can maintain a steady flow rate, no matter how much the pressure changes.

Varisco Pumps in Malaysia: A Review of the Top Models

More information: V series

ST-R series

Varisco designs the ST-R self-priming centrifugal pumps to provide ease of maintenance and unclogging with minimal effort.

Besides, you can access all the internal parts of the pump without having to remove it from its place or disconnect any pipes, just by using the front cover.

Overall, these pumps are very reliable and easy to take care of.

Varisco Pumps in Malaysia: A Review of the Top Models

More information: ST-R series

G series

Varisco G external gear pumps are special pumps.

These pumps work very smoothly and consistently.

They don’t cause sudden changes in the flow or pressure of the fluid they are pumping.

Typically, they are the most ideal for moving thin liquids.

These liquids don’t have any bits of solid material in them.

Moreover, they are also suitable for measuring out precise amounts of those liquids.

Varisco Pumps in Malaysia: A Review of the Top Models

More information: G series

Vulcan series

The Vulcan series by Varisco consist of progressing cavity screw pumps.

They are ideal for handling liquids of varying thicknesses and textures, even those that contain particles or fibers that can cause wear and tear.

These pumps are common in industrial facilities.

Varisco Pumps in Malaysia: A Review of the Top Models

More information: Vulcan series

Top Supplier of Varisco Pumps in Malaysia

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