Top 6 Best Industrial Gear Brands in 2022

Industrial gear is a mechanical device that transfers torque and motion or sets mechanical motion in action through the engagement of other gears, a shaft, or a series of parts. 

They are useful in various industries, such as food and beverage, logistics, mining, packaging, and other industrial applications.

Without them, these industries would not be able to function properly.

Moreover, industrial gear has become more important than ever with the growing need for automation

Due to this, there is a high demand for the best brands that manufacture high-quality industrial gearmotors and industrial gearboxes.

The following are the top 6 best industrial gear brands in 2022:

1. Bonfiglioli

bonfiglioli industrial gearmotors and gearboxes

Bonfiglioli has more than 60 years of experience and a team of approximately 4000 professionals worldwide.

This brand designs, produces, and distributes a full range of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, and inverters for industrial automation, mobile machinery, and renewable energy sectors.

2. Brevini

brevini industrial gearboxes

Brevini has a long history, and it was among the world’s top ten gear manufacturers in mechanical transmissions and gear drives.

It is all thanks to relevant market shares in industrial applications (steel industry, plastics production, materials handling), innovative systems such as waste recycling plants, and wind and energy production. 

It was established in 1960 by Renato, Luciano and Corrado Brevini, and was the first Italian company to produce planetary gearbox, such as the well-known Brevini planetary gearboxes

3. Mitsubishi

mitsubishi gearmotor

From controllers to drive control devices, power distribution control equipment and industrial mechatronics, Mitsubishi Electric serves its customers as a comprehensive factory automation (FA) manufacturer dealing in all aspects of manufacturing.

One of Mitsubishi’s product lines are geared motors.

As a drive source for factory automation (FA), Mitsubishi gear motors are very reliable and come in a wide range of variations.

4. Rossi

rossi industrial gearmotors

For Rossi Group, the keyword has always been innovation: we deliver excellent products, for any sector and related categories.

One of the most complete product ranges available on the market allows us to choose the gear reducer or the gearmotor that best suits a broad variety of application needs.

All of Rossi gearmotors and gearboxes have been designed to assure excellent, reliable and long lasting unique mechanical performance, resulting in reduced operating costs and long life.

5. SEW Eurodrive

sew eurodrive industrial gearmotors

In 1931, SEW Eurodrive started with gearmotors. Since then, they have evolved into the worldwide leader of power transmission and electronic automation.

Throughout the globe, SEW-EURODRIVE products such as gearmotors and gear units are synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation.

SEW Eurodrive gearmotor modular system is oriented towards the diversity of your application areas.

Therefore, you can choose your ideal drive from standard, electrified monorail, adjustable, servo, stainless steel or explosion-proof gearmotors.

6. Sumitomo

sumitomo gearmotors

For over 80 years, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been providing world-class gearmotors, gearboxes, and speed reducers, featuring industry-leading technology with fully integrated, premium-efficient motors.

Our impactful power transmission units come in various shaft configurations such as right angle, concentric and inline.

One of Sumitomo’s best-selling products is Sumitomo Cyclo Drive gearmotor which offers high strength and reliability.

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