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Sew Eurodrive is a manufacturer of industrial gearboxes and motors. They offer a wide range of products, including:

Sew Worm Gearbox – This is a worm gearbox with internal helical gear, which is meant to be used in applications that need long service life, high speed, low noise, and small size.

Sew Motor – This motor has a compact structure and high efficiency. It comes with adjustable control options and can be used in a variety of applications.

Sew Gearmotor – This gearmotor has an open-frame design for easy installation and maintenance. It also offers high torque at low speeds.

Sew Gearbox – This gearbox has a double helical geared input shaft with an output shaft that uses ball bearings for smooth operation over long periods of time without breaking down easily due to stress or wear-and-tear factors.

Sew Worm Gearbox – This is similar to the previous model because it also has an internal helical gear system inside its casing; however, it differs from its predecessor by having both sides of the casing open up so that you can see inside.

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  1. Gear unit reduction ratio [i] 3.21 to 289.74
  2. Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio [i] 90 to 27001
  3. Output torque [Nm] 31 to 18000
  4. Motor power range [kW] 0.09 to 200

Series R – Helical Gearmotor

R07 to R167

Series F – Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

F27 to F157


Series K – Bevel Helical Gearmotor

K19 to K187


Series S – Helical Worm Gearmotor

S37 to S97


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SEW Eurodrive FAQs

What is SEW Eurodrive ?

SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG is a German manufacturing company headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany.

The company produces gear units, motorselectric motor and inverter technology.

Industry : Drive Automation.

Official Website :

SEW-EURODRIVE involves into 6 major industries :-

  • Automative Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Crane Technologies
  • WasteWater Technology
  • Airport baggage handling

Product range

  1. Standard gear units
    1. R series helical gear units
      – They feature an ideal ratio between performance and space requirements – also in your application: Twenty frame sizes of the helical gear unit portfolio, with finely stepped torque ratings and gear unit ratios. High efficiency included.
      [ R series sew-eurodrive website link ]
    2. F series parallel-shaft helical gear units
      – The axis-parallel gear units have a slim design. Nonetheless, they offer a power range from 130 to 20,000 Nm. We think they are always a good choice when space is limited.
      [ F series sew-eurodrive website link ]
    3. K Series helical-bevel gear units
      – Thanks to their long maintenance-free operating life and their wear-free gearing, our helical-bevel gear units are – technically speaking – economical right-angle gear units. Their high level of efficiency, however, makes them real energy savers.
      [ K series sew-eurodrive website link ]
    4. S series helical-worm gear units
      – The strength of our helical-worm gear units lies in their simple mechanical design, making them more efficient than plain worm gear units. S series gear units also run smoothly in operation.
      [ S series sew-eurodrive website link]
    5. W series right-angle gear units 
      – Does your materials handling application require top speed from your drive, but also need a compact and light configuration? Then we recommend W series right-angle gear units – our lightweight solutions.
      [W series sew-eurodrive website link]

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