KRAL Diesel Pumps & Pumping Stations

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KRAL diesel pumps are designed for a temperature range up to +180 °C. For liquids with temperatures up to +300 °C, the version with magnetic coupling is used.

KRAL magnetic couplings are hermetically sealed and require no maintenance. The pumps can also be supplied as single or double stations.

Product Specifications:

  1. Delivery rate: 5 to 2,900 l/min.
  2. Delivery rate KFT: 5 to 510 l/min.
  3. Max. differential pressure: 16 bar.
  4. Temperature range: -20 °C to 180 °C, magnetic coupling to 300 °C.
  5. Viscosity: 10,000 mm²/s.
  6. Housing: Nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400.
  7. Screws: Steel, nitrided.
  8. ATEX: II 2 GD b/c group II, category 2.
  9. Heating: Electrical, media or steam

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