Nikkiso Metering Pump: Types, Features & Benefits

Nikkiso metering pump is a high-precision injection pump adaptable to a wide range of flow rates, pressures and applications.

Whether you are a contractor looking for a reliable pumping solution for your next project or an engineer looking to upgrade your current system, Nikkiso metering pumps have you covered.

In this article, we will take a look at the various types of Nikkiso metering pumps, the features that make them ideal for many applications, and the benefits of using them.

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Nikkiso Metering Pump Features

Nikkiso metering pump product lineup is equipped with the best diaphragm sealing technologies.

This makes them capable of injecting liquid to processes with a high degree of discharge accuracy at high pressure without causing leakage.

Their main features include:

  • High discharge accuracy
  • A wide turn down ratio
  • A wide selection from tiny flow to huge flow
  • Maximum allowable pressure up 120MPa
  • A Diaphragm Condition Monitoring System is provided
  • Compliant with international and national standards
  • Sanitary/hygienic designs are available optionally

Nikkiso Metering Pump Applications in Industries

Nikkiso metering pumps are one of the most versatile industrial pump solutions for their capability of high degree of injection accuracy and long service life.

Moreover, these durable metering pumps can be used in a wide variety of fields such as:

  • Petrochemical
  • Petroleum refinery
  • Electric power
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • Industrial liquid waste treatment

Nikkiso Metering Pump: Types, Features & Benefits

Types of Nikkiso Metering Pumps

Nikkiso makes a wide variety of metering pumps, which complicates the decision-making process when choosing one.

Here are the different types while also providing helpful information to help you make up your mind quickly.

Diaphragm metering pump

The ecoflow diaphragm metering pump is ideal for a wide array of industrial applications thanks to its modular design.

It has established itself worldwide in a range of different industries as a reliable and economical metering pump.

It offers an exact metering rate and durability for extreme operating conditions with s low life cycle costs and energy efficiency.

High-flow high-pressure triplex pump

Nikkiso’s triplex diaphragm process pumps are the world’s largest.

They are ideal to use for high-flow, high-pressure process service and come with a breakage detector to ensure safe operation.

Pulseless metering pump

The pulseless pump series features pulse free operation and high-precision discharge flow.

This is achieved by the use of cam-drive and fine-tuned check valve.

Nikkiso Metering Pump: Types, Features & Benefits

Milflo pump

Nikkiso Milflo pump in the MX series uses an innovative drive cam design with a high-precision check valve configuration.

This allow it to deliver high accuracy and better flow stabilization.

It is suitable for various uses in injecting chemicals such as coagulant, assistant, neutralization reagent and sterilizer.

Ecodos mechanical diaphragm metering pump

The ecodos pump is a safe, efficient and high-quality diaphragm metering pump.

It is suitable for all metering and pumping tasks in the low-pressure range.

Besides, its multiplexing function enables additional applications such as low-pulsation pumping, recipe metering and mixing tasks.

Hygienic Pumps

Nikkiso’s hygienic pump is ideal for reducing dead space. It also has been surface-finished by electrolytic polishing, which improves its detergency performance.

It is perfect to use in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Plunger pumps

A plunger pump is most desirable in terms of efficiency for handling non-toxic and non-corrosive liquids.

This type of metering pump delivers higher accuracy and efficiency as it designed to push out the pumped liquid directly by the plunger.

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