Our industrial blowers are powerful and offer highly efficient performance with reduced acoustics.

They can be used in warehouses, gymnasiums, and even an underground parking garage to keep the building ventilated. They are also commonly used in major manufacturing factories and facilities to make sure that the compound has a constant supply of fresh air.

We can design and retrofit any blowers.


  1. Products Range: 60-1,500,000 m3/hr
  2. Pressure: 10 – 2000 mmWg
  3. Impeller Diameter: up to 4,500mm
  4. Inlet Temperatures: up to 600 ⁰C
  5. Material: All kind of different material
  6. AR400, SS400, SM490, SUS304, SUS316,
  7. Hard Facing, FRP, PP, Non-Spark

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