Progressive Cavity Pump – Screw Pump



Progressive Cavity Pump – Screw Pump

Retrofit Parts for Progressive Cavity Pumps

Roto Pumps is a leading retrofit spare parts manufacturer and supplier for the top-most Progressive Cavity Pumps manufacturers. Roto is known for providing top-quality spare parts which are interchangeable. The quality spare parts provided by Roto Pumps include rotors, stators, coupling roads, shafts and universal joint kits.

Progressive Spares For

With 12 Months Warranty



Other Parts

Netzsch®   Mono®   Seepex®   Moyno®   Allweiler®

Material Options

Rotor : Stainless Steel, Tool Steel and Exotic Alloys

Stator: Natural, Nitrile, Food Grade White Nitrile, HNBR, EPDM, Chloro-Sulphonated Elastomer, Fluoroelastomer and AFLAS®

Other Parts: Stainless Steel, Tool Steel and Exotic Alloys

Coating Options

Hard Chrome Plating, Rotochrome and Other Special Hard Coatings

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